Things Learned: 10 Articles Every Programmer Must Read

I was stumbling around Quora two days ago, and I came across a blog link which I wish I could see earlier. It’s a list of 10 articles that every programmer must read. This includes articles on unicode, networking, time, floating point arithmetic, security, SEO, URL encoding, memory and more.

Xkcd Explains Heartbleed for Dummies

Heartbleed – the very recent technical tsunami that hit millions of website that used OpenSSL for secure connections. Most of the non-technical people won’t understand what it is; all they understand is that they really need to change their passwords soon. 

A Simple Number Trick in Marketing

Let’s consider a mobile application that will give you sports information. Or be it a small magazine that publishes recipes. And there’s a subscription fee for the service.

Why we still love Radio? It’s “randomness”

We still love listening to radio. We really love the “randomness” of songs!

In this 21st century, any song you love is at your finger tips. Just one click to your favorite song! Everyone have their own collection of music. Music streaming services are at their peak.

Android Programming Tricks: Group your UI elements

Every Android developer will agree the pain in bringing all those UI elements in the XML layout file into the Java code. For every UI element you want to access, you have to call a findViewById() for them. And when the number of UI elements increase, we need more lines of code. (If you are too lazy to write all those findViewById() calls, you can try Lazy Android Eclipse plug-in)

Reducing PNG File Size Using TinyPNG (for Mobile and Web)

Weeks ago, while at work, I was doing an Android project and also monitoring a web-application project. During the process of development, I noticed something not-so-strange : my Android application build is getting bigger and bigger in size as I am building newer versions.