A so-called fictional chemical that will suppress your hunger!

This story started in the Year 2009 — when we had an alumni meeting at our college. College has arranged a lunch for us on that day. Delicious chicken and fried rice. So even if we were attending the meeting, our minds were wandering at the hall where the food was arranged.

Some yummy food found on the Internet.

At the lunch time, we all rushed into the lunch hall and start taking our lunch. We collected as much chicken curry as possible, and caught a place to sit and started eating.

Suddenly I had an idea.

I told a friend that I suspect there’s “Acetomycene” added in the chicken curry, which could suppress our hunger, so that we will eat less, thus saving food for more people.

Yes! that actually struck on the correct target. He believed it. He believed that there is really “Acetomycene” in the chicken curry.

He said, “Yes, I felt a difference in taste from the beginning. It might be acet… tt… acett… uhh, what was it?”

“Acetomycene!” — I said like nothing has happened ever.

Seeing that the story of “Acetomycene” was successful, I told others about “Acetomycene” in chicken curry. The story started spreading, and later nobody knows who actually started this.

After the lunch, the “Acetomycene” victims had very bad feeling about their food, while others had no problems.

After this success, I used to pop this “Acetomycene” trick whenever I come across a pubic eating functions. Sometimes at hotel parties, friend’s house, or even at marriage functions too!

In fact, I still have no idea of what is “Acetomycene” and whether this thing actually exists!

All I thought was : Acetate + the “ene” nomenclature used in Organic Chemistry = “Acetomycene.”

A very recent Google search revealed that there’s not a thing called “Acetomycene”. But there’s another thing called “Acetomycin” — an antibiotic drug.

To be true, I still use this “Acetomycene” story in parties ;-) but to be on a safer side, only with my friends.