TWS stands for “True Wireless Stereo”.

TWS earphones rose into popularity when Apple introduced AirPods back in 2017. Soon everyone started working on their own “pods” version, following the Apple trend. Currently, there are many TWS earphones from different manufacturers out there in the market.

But I never wanted to own a pair.

It’s not like I “hate” them, but I just don’t want them. Here are a few reasons that keep me away from owning a TWS when compared to wired earphones.

1. It’s easy to lose them!

It’s one of the main reasons for not buying one. TWS earphones are generally pretty much expensive when comparing to wired earphones. I don’t want to lose an expensive pair of gadgets. Being “wireless” is a convenience, but it’s also a burden at the same time for such a small form factor. Traveling with a pair of TWS always poses a risk of misplacing or losing them. Wearing a pair of TWS into the bathroom is risky! I don’t want to flush my expensive TWS down the toilet by accidentally shaking my head or sneeze. Running or jogging with them on — no! Theft is another problem.

Meanwhile, wired earphones are cheap, and can’t lose them that easily. In case a pair is lost, I can afford to order another one quickly.

Here’s a parody ad for AirPods from Conan O’Brien:

2. Need to charge always

That’s another problem that I see. Most of the TWS earphones have an average runtime of around 3-4 hours. The capacity of the charging case can vary from just 24 hours to a whopping 70 hours. I have to keep an eye on the charge levels of both the case and the pods all the time. Otherwise, I may run out of charge when there’s an important call to attend.

So, that adds another entry to the list of devices that I have to charge regularly — including my computer, mobile phone, power bank, and fitness band.

A wired earphone is always ready for action. No charging. Just plug it in, and done.

3. There are audio delays/lags

I always read about users complaining about audio delay/lag when using theirBluetooth TWS pair. Most of the product reviews mention delays/lags, and this delay can vary from model to model. I went on searching and found that the delay/lag is a true thing. People have posted questions on forums like SuperUser and Quora. I am not sure what’s the extent of this problem, and if there are any permanent solutions for this.

I don’t want to buy an expensive pair of TWS that may ruin my audio experience when I can plug in a cheaper wired pair to enjoy the best audio experience.

Again, I don’t “hate” them!

I’m not ignoring the benefits and convenience that TWS pairs offer. The problem is, I don’t want to take care of another gadget when there is a greater, cheaper alternative—wired earphones.

It’s not like I hate them or hate the people who buy them. Instead, they don’t look worthy for my usage pattern, that’s all.