I am fond of minimalistic everything and I believe minimalism increases the beauty of something. I am not aware of the theory behind it, but I made up this one — a clutter and chaotic place will create a clutter in your brain because it takes a long time to analyze and connect different elements around. When you see a minimalistic, well-arranged place, the brain doesn’t have to work much to analyze and connect everything, thus making you feel good.

Minimalistic Workplace

When 2020 started, I decided to make my work desk a “minimalistic” one.

I removed all the notepads, invitation letters, papers, and all other stuff on my desk and cleaned it up. Then I added one little pot of money plant to add some greenery to make my eyes cool. I bought a minimalistic notepad to use as my main notepad and an aluminium mobile stand for keeping the device upright. It is very important to keep the items in a neatly arranged position so that the viewers will feel good.

Then on the desktop side, I cleaned up all the icons on the desktop, put up a neat green wallpaper. I switched my IDEs to use a new font in a larger size.

The whole idea was to make a minimalistic, enjoyable workplace, which is cool on my brain and eyes.

A moneyplant, a bug, and a mobile stand with Pixel on it

Minimalistic Blog

I had a long plan to move my blog out of Medium and do a static website that is a simple and minimalistic one. This year I did that, started a Jekyll site with the minima theme to keep it as simple and minimalistic as possible.