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Kotlin has this nice feature called “Extension Functions” — adding new functionality to an existing class, without inheritance or writing lots of boilerplate code. Extension functions and extension properties are allowed in Kotlin.

Here is an example Extension for the Float class by adding a new function called asDollars() to print that float number as a currency value:

fun Float?.asDollars() = "USD%.2f".format(this ?: 0.0F)

Now anywhere in code I can write:

val money = 42.0F
println( money.asDollars() ) // will print "USD42.00"

Note: An extension function doesn’t really modify the existing class. Instead, the receiver object is passed as the first parameter during compile time. For more, read: Extension functions are resolved statically.

Here are some of my own Extensions that I use across many projects in Android:

1. Some AlertDialogs

fun Context.showAlertDialog(
    title: String,
    message: String,
    ok: Pair<String,()->Unit>,
    cancel: Pair<String,()->Unit>? = null){

    val builder = AlertDialog.Builder(this)
        .setPositiveButton(ok.first) { _,_ -> ok.second() }

        builder.setNegativeButton(it.first) { _, _ -> it.second() }


fun Context.showConfirmDialog(
    title: String,
    message: String,
    ok: Pair<String,()->Unit>,
    cancel: Pair<String,()->Unit>? = null
) = showAlertDialog(title, message, ok, cancel)

fun Context.showErrorDialog(message: String, action: () -> Unit){
        title = "Error",
        message = message,
        ok = "OK" to action

Usage on Activity (or Fragments):

fun onResume(){
        title = "Welcome",
        message = "Hello, welcome to the show! Do you want to proceed?",
        ok = "Yes" to { nextScreen() },
        cancel = "No" to { finish() }
    // showing an error
    showError("No internet connection. Please try later") { finish() }

2. A Simple Click Listener

inline fun View.onClick(crossinline f: ()-> Unit) = this.setOnClickListener { f() }


btnNext.onClick { nextScreen() }

3. Some EditText validations

fun isValidText(s: String?) = s!=null && !s.isEmpty()
fun isValidEmail(s: String?) = isValidText(s) &&  android.util.Patterns.EMAIL_ADDRESS.matcher(s).matches()

fun EditText.trimmedText() = this.text?.trim().toString()
fun EditText.isValidText() = isValidText(this.trimmedText())
fun EditText.isValidEmail() = isValidEmail(this.trimmedText())


isValidForm = editEmail.isValidEmail() && editUsername.isValidText()

What are your favorite Extension Functions / Properties that you have authored for your projects? Discuss here.