I recently started a small group of enthusiasts to explore ChatGPT4 in our office. One of the main areas that I wanted to explore was its code generation capabilities.

I came up with a couple of complex and fun requirements to check how far it can go. Sometimes it gives spectacular results but sometimes it fails miserably and overcomplicates things. For most cases, if you are experienced well enough to understand the problems, you can ask for better solutions.

I started hosting these experiments to showcase and show off. Here is a [not so] complete list of experiments:


  • Tweetify

    A custom GPT made using OpenAI’s “GPTs” feature. Tweetify will help users to generate tweets in 280 characters from a given text or article without losing the essence of the text/article. This is generated in a couple of minutes by giving instructions on what to do, how to process the information, and what to give to the user. The profile image was generated by DALL-E.


  • SnakeGPT

    A snake-like game completely built by ChatGPT4 based on my prompts. It even generated the README file for the repo. Read the blog post here.

  • ClockGPT

    A clock display that uses a 4x6 block of check boxes to display the digits. ChatGPT4 generated all the logic and the UI, but it failed to identify the check boxes to highlight for each digit, but it clearly instructed me on how to find those values myself. I updated only that part in the source code.

  • HackerNewsGPT

    A ReactJS website that fetches and displays the top 100 Hacker News posts. This was used to experiment ReactJS code generation, and to check how it can process not-so-simple APIs like the Hacker News API. See the repo here.

  • FontPreviewGPT

    One of my first experiments. A font previewer website completely written by ChatGPT4. It even generated the README file for me.

  • VacationGPT

    VacationGPT allows you to write a vacation letter with a specific mood. The HTML page and the related Firebase Cloud Function are written by ChatGPT4.

Last updated on 14 November 2023.