A cool mobile phone prank that is tested (very) succesfully

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Your daily life moves on it. You cannot live without it. Your home, friends, relatives are on it. It’s your mobile phone!

Everyone believe in their mobile phone more than they believe in anyone else!

So, let me tell this story — of a prank that I did on many of my friends:

The story

One day I safely took one of my friend’s mobile phone, and changed my contact name to “Vodafone IN” — that’s the operator name for Vodafone in India — and gave it back, pretending nothing has happened ever. The very next day, I sent a text message to her mobile, and It appeared in her mobile like this:

Message from: Vodafone IN
“Your mobile number is being monitored by Police. Please be careful”

Upon reading the message, she became upset, and asked everyone if there’s any problem. Nobody understands what happens there for police to monitor her number. Anyways, after two days, she forgot the incident.

After a few days, I sent her another text message that appeared like:

Message from: Vodafone IN
“Please pay your Vodafone bills immediately, otherwise your service will be disconnected”

This time, she became very panic. She asked me how to pay the mobile phone bill even though she was a prepaid customer! I told her to just ignore the message, because that “might be” a mistake from Vodafone.

The Anti-climax

Days later, me too forgot the fact that my number is renamed in her mobile phone. Everything was going as usual.

One day, during lunch time, I sent a text message to her mobile phone asking to join for lunch. This was what she saw:

Message from: Vodafone IN
“Heyy…, coming for lunch…? I am at the first floor! Come fast……!!”

Now you can guess what would be the expression on her face. And you know what happened next. I have been caught red-handed! :-(

Don’t try this at home!

Yes, it was an interesting prank, I tried this on many of my friends. Sometimes even got caught from the beginning itself, and sometimes ran succesfully for weeks!

But be careful when you try this at home! You might be wanted very urgently, and what if they could not find your contact?

Take care, and enjoy!